Electro: Marvel of the Age


Hand Size:
5 (30)


Electro, the Marvel of the Age, is a robot. Built by Professor Philo Zogolowski, Electro has a neural network that is based on its creator's, but is utterly incapable of acting on its own. When driven by an operator via electra-waves, however, Electro is virtually unstoppable!


Body Armor (s): Electro is tough... very tough. It is highly resistant to damage of various types, above and beyond its specific resistances noted below. Possessing intensity 20 (+5) body armor, it has staggering protection against physical assault!

Electra-Wave Transceiver (w): thanks to this revolutionary technology, Electro can send and receive electra-wave signals, which allow a remote operator to pilot Electro no matter where in the world it is. This neuropathic link functions with intensity 12 range and power.

Flight (a): thanks to twin rocket thrusters mounted in its feet, Electro has the ability to soar through the skies. While it is somewhat slow, Electro can nonetheless maneuver in three dimensions with intensity 3 ability, moving at approximately 90 miles per hour.

Knife (s): in its right wrist, Electro has a secret compartment that contains a glistening dagger. This bladed implement, made from the same material that Electro itself is, allows the robot to inflict +2 slashing damage in melee whenever it is released.

Resistances to Corrosion, Fire, Heat, and Pressure Variance (s): possibly built from the same nigh-invulnerable materials that comprise Professor Zog's zello shields, Electro possess similar, intensity 20 (+5) resistance to these common forms of physical peril.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Driven: without a remote operator, Electro cannot act under its own initiative. It cannot be given instructions to be carried out conditionally, or repetitively. No, Electro only acts while linked to the mind of another, one who is specifically directing its behavior.

While Electro itself does not seem to have sentience, or Edge to speak of, the operator of this Marvel of the Age may use his or her Edge through Electro when attempting actions. This because while driving it, Electro is truly an extension of their very being.


Electra-Wave Transceivers (w): Electro is not a minion, it does not respond solely to verbal commands. No, to operate Electro, someone (usually Professor Zog) must man an electra-wave transceiver, which links their mind with that of Electro's.

These devices are usually somewhat bulky, and most often take the form of either a large console, but can also be shaped into an oversized, bulky vest. Either way, electra-wave transceivers are covered in various knobs, dials, and indicator readouts.

These devices, like Electro's own electra-wave transceivers, function at intensity 12.


Soldier: since it does not appear to be sentient in and of itself, Electro does not really have any motivation. It simply does whatever the person operating its external electra-wave transceiver instructs it to do, to the very best of its innate ability.


Electro is big! This Marvel of the age is built from a durable metal that is primarily red in hue, with yellow pauldrons and a yellow lower torso, a green faulds, gray knee, elbow and wrist guards, and a large television monitor on its 'face' that displays its pilot's image.


Electro has no personality to speak of. Though based on Professor Zog's neural patterns, the mind of Electro is passive and incomplete without someone to drive it remotely. If separated from the Professor or any of its Operators, Electro will usually 'ping' for them incessantly.

Real Name: Electro
Occupation: instrument of justice
Legal Status: Electro is viewed as a piece of equipment by the United States government
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: Marvel of the Age
Group Affiliation: Team Electro, the Twelve (after a fashion)

Height: 8' 2"
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: instead of eyes, Electro originally had a simple video pickup on its head. Later, this was replaced with a face screen that not only allowed it to see the world outside, but showed the face and immediate surroundings of its pilot.
Weight: 1225 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Electro is big! It is an eight foot tall red robot, whose face displays the image of its operator.

Extra Goodies:

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