Blue Blade


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Roy Chambers, known to most as the Blue Blade, is a swashbuckler. Though he maintains a fantastic identity, and goes out of his way to battle America's foes without actually being affiliated with the armed forces, Roy is but a normal human, lacking special powers altogether.



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Addiction / Alcohol: though he puts on a cheerful front, Roy has depended on alcohol to get him through rough patches in the past... too many times to count. When subjected to extreme stress, Roy must pass a challenging Willpower action, lest he suffer a relapse.


Blade (s): as a modern-day swashbuckler, Roy naturally carries a sword with him while fighting the forces of darkness. Generally used in a fencing style, this blade could be wielded to either slash or pierce his foe if desired, inflicting his Strength +3 damage.


Animal Handling (w): having grown up on a farm, Roy is well acquainted with how to handle various animals. Thus, when the need to ride a horse into battle as the Blue Blade arises, Roy can easily goad his trusty steed, Grimaud, into action.

Performing (w): wanting to make it big in Hollywood, Roy has transformed himself into the consummate performer. On a successful, average difficulty Willpower (willpower) action, Roy can easily distract others for an exchange with his ridiculous act - whether violently or otherwise.

Skill / Swords (s): you can't be a swashbuckler without something to swash with. Thus, Roy has learned (either with training or on his own) how to handle the blade which he has named himself for, and can wield it at one difficulty level lower than is otherwise necessary.

Tumbling (a): in addition to his other skills, Roy has become an accomplished tumbler, able to land on his feet no matter how recklessly he throws himself into (or through) something. A successful, easy difficulty Agility action lets him do just this on any fall that doesn't inflict damage.


When active as the Blue Blade, Roy has few heroic contacts, for he's something of a loner when doing battle with evil. Roy is quite famous, however, having worked hard to achieve that state, and has numerous contacts in Hollywood, from agents to producers, to actors.


Greed: action, adventure, excitement. These things are nice, but they're merely stepping stones to what Roy is really after: money. He craves fame and fortune due to the deplorable conditions of his childhood, and Roy isn't about to let anything get in the way of his success.


As is everything else about Roy, his costume is ostentatious. It consists primarily of a blue and purple striped pair of fencing shorts, a black leather belt, a black domino mask, blue buccaneer boots, blue leather gloves, a dashing blue cape, and a blue and white cavalier hat.


Roy is action, adventure, and excitement turned up to eleven. While he feels the need to do right, it's not out of the goodness of his heart, oh no. While the Blue Blade does heroic deeds, and does them quite often, the end game in Roy's eyes is a great big payoff in some form.

Real Name: Roy Chambers
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single (though he's claimed to have a wife, possibly as part of his performance showboating)
Alias(es), if any: the Fourth Musketeer
Group Affiliation: the Twelve

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Roy has a gap between his two front teeth, constantly maintains a handlebar moustache and soul patch, and says and does everything in an exaggerated manner.


Having grown up destitute during the Dust Bowl, a singular natural disaster striking the American Midwest in the early 1930s, Roy Chambers decided to leave everything behind and go west - to Hollywood. Tired of being poor and hungry, Roy craved excitement... and riches!

Journeying to the West Coast, Roy mulled his future over he rode that way. Thinking that he could become a hero, like so many other adventurous men and women had of late, Roy decided to do just that. There was no shortage of publicity for heroes, after all.

But he needed an angle, something that would allow him to stand out. He lacked fantastic powers like the Human Torch, or Namor the Sub-Mariner, after all. But what could he do? Sure, Roy was in great shape from a life of working hard on the farm, but what else was there?

Ultimately finding inspiration in the form of the Scarlet Sabre, a swashbuckler from the comic strips he read as a child, Roy decided to follow in that fictional character's footsteps. After all, why not? He may not have powers, but any slob can learn how to use a sword.

Whether he had help or was self-taught, Roy acquired the ability to fence, as well as basic acrobatic skills. But even that wasn't enough. No, Roy would truly have to reinvent himself to make this plan work, because while any slob can use a sword, who can do it with style?

And thus, the Blue Blade finally metastasized in Roy's head. When he donned his costume, Roy became an over the top man of action, his every sentence, every action exaggerated to the point of ludicrosity. The strange thing was, this combination of skill, behavior and drive actually worked.

Riding into action with his trusty horse, Grimaud, Roy would gallivant all around Los Angeles looking for trouble. A lot of the time, this merely involved 'face time' with the locals, but occasionally Roy actually stumbled into something serious going on in his new town.

For example, one night he was riding about when he heard screams emanating from a nearby laboratory. Investigating by leaping through the first ground floor window he could find, Roy discovered a scientist and his daughter being menaced by Sandai, a spy working for imperial Japan!

While Roy dealt with the spy's men, Sandai himself forced the scientist to lead him to his newly completed device, the Atom Smasher, or else he'd kill the man's daughter. Roy was flummoxed for a time, unable to find Sandai until he tested the weapon out on a nearby lighthouse.

Swimming out to his ship, Roy boarded the vessel and, dramatically leaping through another window, punched Sandai into submission. Having saved both the Atom Smasher and its creator (and its creator's daughter) from becoming Japanese spoils of war, Roy rode off into the night!

The nature of Roy's specific, further adventures have yet to be revealed.



Hand Size:
2 (10)

Roy's trusty steed, Grimaud was an ordinary horse off the farm - but it got him around in style, particularly in Los Angeles, when people didn't really do that sort of thing. Grimaud can inflict bashing damage in a pinch, most often with its shoed hooves.

These technically count as hard points, but only when the cursed thing is beating you to death with them.

Giraud can move at a speed equal to thirty miles per hour (or intensity 1 velocity) at a gallop, doing so for several minutes (or miles) in a pinch, though a more sensible riding speed will allow the beast to keep moving for longer periods of time without rest.

While its no Studebaker, Giraud gets the job done. Even if it costs Roy a pretty penny to keep the thing well fed.

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