the Fiery Mask

Gd 10
Ty 6
Rm 30
Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
Rm 30
Rm 30
Gd +10



According to his own accounts, Doctor Jack Castle received his incredible powers as a result of the Zombie Master's equipment overloading on him. He now has the astounding super-human ability to generate intense fire and heat, to leap incredible distances, and more!

Known Powers:

Atomic Sense: Jack has the curious ability to visually perceive the atomic structure of things. He can use this Good (10) ranked power to determine an object's chemical composition, or more often, to track something by the rare compounds he has laced it with.

Aura / Heat: this ability allows Jack to generate an aversive aura of heat, one which can repel damage per a force field. This Remarkable (30) ranked ability can shield him, or anyone he's in contact with, against the various damage forms as follows:

Ex 20 / Rm 30 / Pr 4 / Sh 0 / Sh 0

Fire Control: upon being empowered by circumstance, Jack developed the ability to shape ambient flames in his environment - whether natural or those of his own generation. Jack may bend fire to his will with ease, having this power at Incredible (40) rank.

Fire Generation: in addition to being able to shape flames as he sees fit, Jack can now generate Amazing (50) amounts of fire and heat. This ability is mostly under his control, but on occasion Jack's fury will cause him to involuntarily give off staggering amounts of thermal energy.

Super Breath: now possessing unfathomable lung capacity, Jack can inhale an enough air that he can inflict damage upon its exhalation! Functioning at Remarkable (30) rank, Jack can use this hyper-compressed air to inflict like Force damage - or to apply force to something.

Super Jumping: above and beyond his enhanced strength, Jack has demonstrated the power to leap vast distances in a single bound. He may jump up to six hundred and sixty feet at once, crossing five full areas in one bound, thanks to this Shift Z (500) ranked ability.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Mace: though super strong, Jack often carries a mighty mace with him into battle. He can use this to inflict Edged Attack damage thanks to his considerable strength, which is more lethal that his simply punching someone... though not by much.

Sidearms: on occasion, Jack will carry two sidearms with him on patrol - even though his powers are considerably more effective. He can fire these weapons to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, raised by +1 CS when fired in a semi-auto burst.




Hypnosis: a skilled hypnotist, Jack has the ability to drop a willing target into a trance. In this state, a hypnotized individual can be implanted with post-hypnotic suggestions, or even be helped to suppress knowledge of traumatic experiences if desired.

Martial Arts type B: while he's possessed of staggering powers, Jack is also rather handy with more mundane combat. He has the ability to engage in unarmed melee attacks, whether punching, kicking, charging, or even biting a body, as if his Fighting was +1 CS in rank.

Medicine: Jack Castle doesn't call himself a doctor to impress the ladies. No, he's a fully accredited physician, skilled enough that the police regularly consult him on medical mysteries. He has all the abilities that this talent normally provides its bearer.

Resist Domination: well-versed in the art of hypnosis, Jack has proven able to use this knowledge to resist mind control efforts directed at his person. Jack should receive a +1 CS on any Psyche FEAT roll he attempts to shrug off hypnotism or mesmerism.


Jack has numerous contacts in police circles, and often aids the authorities when they face with enigmas of medicine. He's also on good terms with his nurse, who knows his secret identity. Other contacts may very well include the many ladies he's rescued from imminent doom.


When fighting the inexplicable forces of evil, Jack wears a dashing, vibrant uniform. It includes an orange, skin tight shirt, baggy red trousers, red bracers, a green leather belt, green leather boots, a green cape, and of course his orange, fiery mask.


An intelligent and upright man, Jack uses his many and various abilities - both mundane and fantastic - in the aid of others. He's constantly putting his neck on the line for his fellow man, whether battling zombie hordes, demonic legions, or mad scientists.

Real Name: Jack Castle
Occupation: doctor, adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: hazel
Weight: 220 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: when wielding his astonishing powers, or simply when particularly incensed, Jack's eyes tend to give off a crimson glow.


Jack Castle was originally a medical doctor who did double duty. A regular practitioner of medicine, he had a standard stable of patients, but he also did consulting work for the police on medical mysteries. Though not a police officer, he was well known to the local constabulary.

On one fateful night, he was summoned by police to look into an especially weird issue, at which point he was attacked by an impossibility of science. A strange, green-faced man who ought to be dead, nonetheless attacked Jack and his police contact out of the blue!

Digging into this mystery, Jack tracked down the secret headquarters of the Zombie Master - a twisted, twenty foot tall mad scientist. There, the villain attempted to turn him into one of his so-called living dead, but Jack's willpower was too strong for the madman's technology.

Overloading his equipment in an attempt to force Jack's submission, the Zombie Master was caught in its subsequent explosion. But Jack was changed by the ordeal. Infused by unknown and inexplicable energies, he found that the powers of the elements suddenly coursed through him!

When attacked by the Zombie Master, Jack handily trounced the behemoth scientist, and made his escape from the burning hideout along with another of the Zombie Master's would-be victims - namely, by leaping clean out of the collapsing roof of the zombie-laden house.

Jack's next encounter with the bizarre saw him going up against the evil scientist known only as Dork, who had crafted a bizarre, protoplasmic wave of destruction with which to raze the city. Luckily for our hero, Jack's intense heat made him immune to its insatiable hunger.

After a scrum with Dork's men, Jack tracked him down to his secret headquarters, where he did battle with another of Dork's creations. This immense, horned man-beast was no match for Jack, however, nor was Dork's steel-lined, water-based death trap!

With nothing else protecting him, Dork was easy pickings for Jack. Defending another of his would-be victims from Dork's protoplasm, Jack watched as it consumed the fallen mad scientist, and then destroyed the machine that he'd been using to generate the gloop.

When he was next contacted by the police, Jack was informed of a wave of death sweeping over the city, one leaving its victims entirely bloodless! Though initially skeptical that someone specific was behind this, Jack nonetheless felt the need to do something about it.

Setting a trap for... whoever might be behind this malady, Jack lured first one, then a legion of blood thieves into his office. Though holding his own against them at first, Jack was shocked when he struck metal inside one, and was smashed in the head with a hammer right afterward.

Upon awakening, Jack tracked the blood he'd laced with a fluorescent salt to the offices of Doctor Sendach, who was conducting cybernetic experiments on various poor wretches, and needed the blood of others to continue. Not that Jack was going to let this stand, oh no.

When Sendach attempted to experiment on Jack, he fought his way to freedom, and even rescued another of the mad doctor's would-be victims. She, then, helped Jack to deal with Sendach, only to inadvertently cause him to be eaten by his victims. Not that either felt too bad about that.

A short time later, Jack found himself in action again when a rash of mysterious deaths caught his attention. He was tipped off to the possible culprit after making a house call for one Ella Waltin, a hillbilly who was supposedly suffering from a kind of mental shock.

Upon his arrival, Jack noticed a strange baby in the Waltin's cabin, one which had the deep, rumbling voice of a man. This was odd, and not just because he knew the Waltin's didn't have any children. So when weird deaths began to occur in their area, Jack leapt into action!

Spying on their home that night, he saw the baby transform... into a devil! Jack followed it until it attempted to slay another victim, at which point he intervened. Saving its would-be target, Jack nonetheless lost the fiend, only to eventually find it had slain the Waltins!

Chasing it anew, Jack inadvertently followed it through a doorway into a hellish plane. There, he battled the murderous demon from the hills, as well as many of its compatriots in crime from the Legion of the Damned, until their master forced him home with its infernal powers.

The further nature of Jack's investigations into the bizarre are as of yet unrevealed.

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