the Decepticons: 2003

Robots in Disguise

Sent to earth by the Predacon Council, who had discovered that Fortress Maximus himself had been hidden there long, long ago, Megatron took a handful of his Predacon minions with him to secure the inert, immensely powerful Autobot. However, things didn't go well, so Megatron started recruiting some help. The folks that joined him after his arrival include the following Decepticons:

the Decepticons:

Jhiaxus: Megatron's Air Space Commander, Jhiaxus leads that villain's aerial operations. Which suits Jhiaxus just fine, as he claims all skies as his territories, and delights in smashing down anything dumb enough to challenge him. Availability:

Jhiaxus (MSH Classic)

Jhiaxus (4C System)

Jhiaxus (Marvel Saga)

the Destructicons:

Bludgeon: something of a schemer, Bludgeon is the rare, grandiose sort of villain who can back up his talk with muscle. He's strong and tough on top of his mental brawn, and had he not joined up with Scourge, he'd have founded the Destructicons himself! Availability:

Bludgeon (MSH Classic)

Bludgeon (4C System)

Bludgeon (Marvel Saga)

Dreadwind: a brutish engine of destruction, Dreadwind single-mindedly focuses on smashing things! Lacking a fine focus in this regard, his Decepticon bosses thought it prudent to team him with the more tactically capable Smokejumper. Oddly, this worked. Availability:

Dreadwind (MSH Classic)

Dreadwind (4C System)

Dreadwind (Marvel Saga)

Scourge (Destructicon): after escaping from the Autobot penal colony orbiting Cybertron, Scourge reformatted himself and begun to forge an all new army. No longer a Decepticon proper, he proudly leads the so-called Destructicons in his bid to conquer all! Availability:

Scourge (Destructicon) (MSH Classic)

Scourge (Destructicon) (4C System)

Scourge (Destructicon) (Marvel Saga)

Smokejumper: an amazing tactician, the high-flying Smokejumper is also rather light on armament. Since he's so focused on doing his job, the high-ups thought it a good idea to team him with the heavily armed, if not too bright Dreadwind. Oddly, this worked. Availability:

Smokejumper (MSH Classic)

Smokejumper (4C System)

Smokejumper (Marvel Saga)

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