Alcoholic Anthologies from the Club Invertebrate: Tall Drinks and Taller Tales

While the main Tales page lists most of the current releases available for your reading pleasure, this index is a chronological listing of the various issues of the Alcoholic Anthologies from the Club Invertebrate, relating those stories in order for convenience. Of course, this is just where I tell stories 'between' the other series, so they may not add up too fast. At any rate, here's the Anthologies available thus far:

Alcoholic Anthologies from the Club Invertebrate #1 - The Skinny: while this is a sort of non-series, mostly a string of tall tales strung together by a loose theme, it's important to note that everything starts somewhere. And this is the start of our Alcoholic Anthologies, namely by detailing just how the Club Invertebrate came into being. Once the stage is set, all of the fun can then begin, so buckle up, bozo!

Alcoholic Anthologies from the Club Invertebrate #2 - Pincer Penny's a Penny Pincher: Mister Matter catches up with Pincer Penny at the Club and receives a tale of terror for his trouble, wherein she goes into detail about a job she and her Triumvirate of Tribulation pulled to trounce Six-fingered Tommy, only to find that things were not nearly what they appeared at first glance - much less the second, or third...

Alcoholic Anthologies from the Club Invertebrate #3 - Mister Matter Matters, Mister: vaguely following up from last issue, we check in with Mister Matter, as he relates the story of his first encounter with Fascisma and her Mutant Legion. Considering the twitchy Ultra is involved, you can be sure that things didn't go well - for anybody involved. Plus: hints at romance! Adventure! Excitement! Mayhem! What are you waiting for?

Alcoholic Anthologies from the Club Invertebrate #4 - A Talk With Lisa: a slight refinement of a story formerly held elsewhere on the 13, this tale relates the origins of Lisa Polanski, formerly a mercenary member of the Zen Hell-Kites who found herself on the wrong end of a Pastordyne cybernetics experiment, and decided that she was going to take them apart in thanks. Of course, she had to get away from them first...

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