Welcome to Tales From Variant Earth 13, a source of stories based in the world that the various heroes, villains, and other assorted nutjobs here inhabit. Most of these began as 'online comics' I wrote for my good pal Crowe, who hosts one heck of a large online literature repository, www.lit.org, but they've evolved a bit past that. For one thing, I seem to have a whole bunch more to write.

I began with just one story, that of a group of intrepid investigators attempting to catalog various oddities for a cross-time agency that viewed their world as a great nexus of multiversal causality. The stories waiting to be told in Variant Earth 13, as the timeline has come to be identified by said cross-time agency, have multiplied exponentially, though, so I figured I'd try this, a sort of 'universe' of titles.

I've decided to go with four titles for the time being, though this may fluctuate as things progress. For one thing, I may have bitten off more than I can chew, and may need to cut back. Or, I may simply cease one title for a time and begin another story, either on a temporary or permanent basis... but we'll only find out by going there. Before you go any further, though, I must give you a disclaimer or two.

For once thing, regular (or even irregular) Technohol 13 visitors may notice that I, Firebomb, tend to restrain myself in the face of bad language and otherwise questionable material. However, some of these stories are incredibly violent, and feature more than their fair share of foul-mouthed characters, both good and bad. If this is a problem, I would recommend that you do not actually read any of these tales.

I assure you that nothing X-rated will be occurring in these stories, but I figured I should warn you in advance that this isn't necessarily 'family friendly' literature, here. I suppose that's the only real disclaimer I need to share with you all, so I'll stop going on about that now. So, to stop keeping you all in suspense, here's the current issues of Tales From Variant Earth 13 for your reading pleasure:

August, 2009

Alcoholic Anthologies from the Club Invertebrate #3 - Mister Matter Matters, Mister: vaguely following up from last issue, we check in with Mister Matter, as he relates the story of his first encounter with Fascisma and her Mutant Legion. Considering the twitchy Ultra is involved, you can be sure that things didn't go well - for anybody involved. Plus: hints at romance! Adventure! Excitement! Mayhem! What are you waiting for?

Alcoholic Anthologies from the Club Invertebrate #4 - A Talk With Lisa: a slight refinement of a story formerly held elsewhere on the 13, this tale relates the origins of Lisa Polanski, formerly a mercenary member of the Zen Hell-Kites who found herself on the wrong end of a Pastordyne cybernetics experiment, and decided that she was going to take them apart in thanks. Of course, she had to get away from them first...

Hate Ball #3 (the Crazy Hate #27) - Rearmeded - now that he's made it back to earth, we know what Russell's going to do - he's going to put Clarence Davidson in a hurt locker! But he has to re-arm himself first, having given all his existing technology away for a ride home. Luckily for him, he now knows how to trigger his bizarre technological super-genius ability...!

Hate Ball #4 (the Crazy Hate #28) - Revengeded - when we last left you dangling (like so many participles), poor Russell was face to face with the diabolical Kedae monstrosity known only as Ocpatex! Can our hero come up with a plan to defeat both it and the lingering Ologyology foundation - or will those fiends be free to bring even more demonic horrors into the city? Read on to find out!

the Universal Squad # 27 - Pastling: let us look in on the Circuit Board after he woke up in the wake of his defeat at the hands of Roy Shijitzu... but just where is he? And when? And really, why is it that no matter where Jerry finds himself, he's more than ready to find a way to make everyone there want to just split his skull? You'd think he'd take 'people' classes or something...

Series Indexes

In the event that you're starting from the beginning, or perhaps missed an issue or so of your favorite Tales From Variant Earth 13 series, this is simply a listing of each title that's either in production, coming soon, or currently 'out of print' for the sake of convenience.

Agency 13: these are the tales of six or so intrepid investigators assembled by Mike 013 and the so-called Jensen Congress to investigate strange happenings on Mike's world. This because Mike's timeline, known as Earth 13, is a nexus of sorts, where events that take place echo forth on a countless number of timelines - and studying events here can predict them elsewhere.

the Crazy Hate: these are the stories of eight (of course) heroes who start out all by themselves, but ultimately wind up getting together to form a team unified by its members' outcast status in society. Having nobody else to lean on, these eight heroes fight injustice on their own terms, and rarely have dealings with official law-enforcement types - except when such folks are hunting the Hate down.

the Universal Squad: similar to the Crazy Hate, the Universal Squad starts out somewhat slow, in that the group doesn't begin as a full-blown hero team. They don't wait twenty eight issues to reach that point, though, so there's that. At any rate, this is a team started by George Andersen, after his pal Mike inadvertently grants him great powers - not that the team's any good at super-heroics to start with.

Alcoholic Anthologies from the Club Invertebrate: herein is a collection of one-shot tales, all told by one character to another within the confines of the Club Invertebrate, a strange bar in Omaha, Nebraska, which has an open-ended portal through the Between inside. As such, all manner of beings wind up here eventually, either through the portal or simply through the doors upstairs.

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