the Decepticons: 2002

Robots in Disguise

Sent to earth by the Predacon Council, who had discovered that Fortress Maximus himself had been hidden there long, long ago, Megatron took a handful of his Predacon minions with him to secure the inert, immensely powerful Autobot. However, things didn't go well, so Megatron started recruiting some help. The folks that joined him after his arrival include the following Decepticons:

Leader of the Decepticons:

Galvatron: thought destroyed after a cataclysmic battle with Omega Prime, Megatron was revived as an energy leech, a sort of undead robot, in an Egyptian pyramid. Now calling himself Galvatron, he's even more unhinged - and dangerous - than ever before! Availability:

Galvatron (MSH Classic)

Galvatron (4C System)

Galvatron (Marvel Saga)

the Decepticons:

Axer: a lethally efficient bounty hunter and interdiction expert working for the Decepticons, Axer found himself on earth after a chance encounter with a black hole, and has since decided that he don't like Scourge very much - since he doesn't pay. Availability:

Axer (MSH Classic)

Axer (4C System)

Axer (Marvel Saga)

Scourge: most powerful of the Decepticons save for Galvatron himself, Scourge was originally an Autobot who was turned to evil, thanks to the power of Megatron's diabolical Spark. Of course, he gained ambition along with Megatron's evil, so watch out! Availability:

Scourge (MSH Classic)

Scourge (4C System)

Scourge (Marvel Saga)

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