Seriously injured in a bomb blast meant to kill him and his family, high school graduate Keith Remsen is awoken months later during a mysterious 'White Event'. Having apparently survived the blast intact (save for a splinter of metal wedged into his skull on his forehead), Keith soon discovers that he has strange and wonderful powers, primarily involving his entering the dreaming minds of other people.

After Keith Remsen's paranormal powers became apparent, psychologist Lucian Ballad convinced him to use said power to help the sanity of others, via their dreams. To this end, he set up the Ballad Dream Institute in order to achieve this in a professional, scientific environment. These four individuals are vital to the continuing operation of the Institute:

the Ballad Dream Institute:

Nightmask: comatose Keith Remsen awoke during the White Event, it having granted him incredible dream powers. Wishing to use them to help others, he began to enter their dreams as Nightmask, so no one would recognize him afterward. Availability:

Nightmask (MSH Classic)

Nightmask (4C System)

Nightmask (Marvel Saga)

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen: paralyzed from the waist down after a cowardly bomb attack, Teddy Remsen nonetheless developed dream powers like her brother's - if to a lesser extent - which she uses to help his work at the Ballad clinic. Availability:

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen (MSH Classic)

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen (4C System)

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen (Marvel Saga)

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado: an elite physical therapist, Lita Mercado was hired by Doctor Lucian Ballad to help rehabilitate the Remsen children after they barely survived a bombing. And to help them better utilize their paranormal powers! Availability:

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado (MSH Classic)

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado (4C System)

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Lucian Ballad: assigned to the Remsen children after their parents died in a bombing, psychologist Lucian Ballad was amazed to find out that both were paranormals, and convinced them to use their abilities to help others. Availability:

Doctor Lucian Ballad (MSH Classic)

Doctor Lucian Ballad (4C System)

Doctor Lucian Ballad (Marvel Saga)

Assorted Villains:

Doctor Horst Kleinmann: a genius in the field of dream research, Doctor Horst Kleinmann was insanely paranoid about his secret technology. He had no problems killing anyone that he believed a threat to his supremacy in 'his' realm of dreams. Availability:

Doctor Horst Kleinmann (MSH Classic)

Doctor Horst Kleinmann (4C System)

Doctor Horst Kleinmann (Marvel Saga)

Madman: sane before the Black Event, the man who would become the Madman cracked when his potent, paranormal dream powers violently manifested in the wake of all that death, but was ultimately put out of commission by Nightmask and Justice. Availability:

Madman (MSH Classic)

Madman (4C System)

Madman (Marvel Saga)

Mistress Midnight: losing the ability to dream as a child, Vivianne eventually went completely insane, developing multiple personalities. When the White Event gave her strange dream powers, Doctor Kleinmann molded her into a psychic assassin! Availability:

Mistress Midnight (MSH Classic)

Mistress Midnight (4C System)

Mistress Midnight (Marvel Saga)

Tullius Ballad: Doctor Lucian Ballad's evil twin, Tullius has always been obsessed with destroying his counterpart. Believing this the only way to claim his soul for his own, he became a powerful Voodoo Bokor in order to defeat his 'good' side! Availability:

Tullius Ballad (MSH Classic)

Tullius Ballad (4C System)

Tullius Ballad (Marvel Saga)

And Last, but not Least:

Mambo Matilda: little is known or understood about the rather mysterious Voodoo Mambo known only as Matilda. Luckily for the world at large, Mambo Matilda uses her impressive mystical skills only to aid others - not just for her own benefit. Availability:

Mambo Matilda (MSH Classic)

Mambo Matilda (4C System)

Mambo Matilda (Marvel Saga)

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