the Vehicons

Though they technically don't exist yet, several Vehicons have appeared in the present, on earth, along with the other Transformer factions duking it out over the fate of Fortress Maximus. It is presumed that they came back either alongside the others (if they're from the future) or with Optimus Primal somehow. The trick, though, is that they're not all necessarily evil.

In an ironic twist of fate, each of the representatives of this faction active on modern-day earth operate under differing, unique conditions. No longer acting solely to further the aims of their own era's Megatron, these Vehicons all have their own story. Some are repentant Vehicons, some continue on as they did in the past, and some are freshly sentient, thanks to an all new spark.

Those Vehicons currently on earth include:

Known Vehicons

Megabolt: a massive Vehicon warrior from the future, Megabolt is bent on universal conquest, and he's already seized several worlds on his own. Of course, for his own purposes, he is aiding Megatron in the theft of Fortress Maxmius. For the time being. Availability:

Megabolt (MSH Classic)

Megabolt (4C System)

Megabolt (Marvel Saga)

Mirage GT: Mirage GT was a Vehicon experiment of Megatron's. The idea was to use his stealth and teleportational powers to boost the intelligence link between his Vehicon generals and their drones. The problem was that Mirage was kind of dim... Availability:

Mirage GT (MSH Classic)

Mirage GT (4C System)

Mirage GT (Marvel Saga)

Nightcruz: a former Vehicon drone who found himself with a Spark after Megatron's death, Nightcruz came back in time with the spectral remnants of Optimus Primal, and has become a member of the Autobots while he works out critical identity issues. Availability:

Nightcruz (MSH Classic)

Nightcruz (4C System)

Nightcruz (Marvel Saga)

Obsidian: originally a Maximal, Obsidian was converted into a Vehicon after he embraced (Beast Machines) Megatron's cause. After that villain fell in battle, Obsidian found himself stuck an the ancient past, and now he serves a different Megatron! Availability:

Obsidian (MSH Classic)

Obsidian (4C System)

Obsidian (Marvel Saga)

Scavenger: once one of countless Vehicon drones built by Megatron, this mechanoid was brought back in time by Optimus Primal, and given an all new Spark by the Matrix. He now has free will, but Scavenger is still driven by his primary, destructive purpose. Availability:

Scavenger (MSH Classic)

Scavenger (4C System)

Scavenger (Marvel Saga)

Vehicon Text File Archive:

the Vehicons: collected here for your gaming (or reading) convenience are the five Vehicons covered above, all in one easy to download text file archive. If you want these fellows for your game, and don't want to click 'save as' that much, this is perfect for you! Availability:

Robots in Disguise: the Vehicons Archive (MSH Classic)

Robots in Disguise: the Vehicons Archive (4C System)

Robots in Disguise: the Vehicons Archive (Marvel Saga)

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