the Transformers

The Transformers are elecromechanical entities hailing from the planet Cybertron. These sentient robotic beings possess mutable bodies, almost invariably being able to transform between two or more modes at will, while also having the potential to readily modify themselves over time. Regardless of the fiction that features Transformers, these basic traits are a constant, the bedrock upon which their many tales are told.

And make no mistake, the Transformers have been featured in many, many different tales, spanning across a veritable multiverse of permutations on their basic premise. Comic books, animated series, and even feature films have showcased different Transformers over the years, and each insists on having its very own continuity to some extent. While some will attempt to tie themselves to another, this is rarely the case.

Bearing this in mind, there won't be a full accounting of the Transformers here at Technohol 13 - there's simply too many Transformers, from too many timelines, to make this practical. Ultimately, the intent is to feature a system by which players of the games supported on this site can build their own Transformers character descriptions, thus letting others cover whichever fiction they prefer the most.

There will be a multitude of those heroes and villains featured here, however. As time and opportunity permit, the plan is to add descriptions of individual Transformers, regardless of faction or fiction, throughout this portion of the 13. These character descriptions are broken up by both the franchise of Transformers toys they were featured in and their individual, Transformer faction.

Transcribing Transformers

The primary function of this portion of the 13, Transcribing Transformers provides a method by which aspiring gamers can produce character descriptions of their favorite Transformers, whether good, evil, or something else entirely. These are based on a means of converting the Tech Specs provided on the back of most (though not all) Transformer toy packages, and is available for use in the following game systems:

Universal Heroes | 4C System: Edition 13 | Saga System 13

Transformers: Sorted by Franchise

This series revolves around the immense Autobot warrior, Fortress Maximus, who was secretly hidden beneath Tokyo an unknown amount of time in the past. Though he claimed to be here for the earth's energy, the evil Megatron sought Maximus out to steal his power, and in time the Autobots sent here to stop him figured out just what he was up to - and foiled his nefarious scheme by the proverbial skin of their teeth.

Transformers: Sorted by Faction

Generally the primary protagonists in a Transformers franchise, the Autobots are heroic mechanoids who transform into, well, automobiles of various stripes. This invariably expands into a wide array of other useful vehicles that aren't necessarily bound to the surface, but that's usually where Autobots begin in a given fiction. Autobots are most often led in their struggles by Optimus Prime.

1984 1985 1986 2001 2002

Typically the antagonists in Transformers franchises, the Decepticons seek conquest, either of their home world of Cybertron or the universe beyond. Primarily led by Megatron, unless he's been deposed for a time or evolved into a Galvatron, these sinister mechanoids often prefer to transform into a dizzying array of aircraft, though they'll also make use of forms that help them engage in espionage.

1984 2001 2002 2003

The descendants of the Autobots, Maximals are downsized mechanoids that most often incorporate an organic component to their robotic base. These (relatively) diminutive warriors are most often featured in franchises based in the future - or at least, those that start out there. While the heirs of the modern day Transformers, time travel chicanery has helped them shape the past of their ancestors, as well.


Heirs of the broken Decepticon war machine of a distant future, the Predacons are mechanoids who have been reduced in size and given organic components, just as the Maximals were. While they ostensibly live in peace with their counterparts, enough Predacons pine for the 'good old days' that their ceasefire is tenuous, at best. Given enough motivation, many a Predacon will happily war with the Maximals once more.

2001 2002

Mainly seen during the era of the Beast Machines, the Vehicons are a faction of Transformers who have been reshaped, body and soul, by the power of Megatron. Stripped of their organic components, these former Maximals and Predacons exult in the evil Megatron orders them to do, often accompanied by a wide array of virtually identical drones bereft of a Spark.


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