the Decepticons: 1984

Discovering his Autobot foes were preparing to leave Cybertron on a quest for energon, Megatron and his underlings ambushed them in deep space. Both factions of Transformers crash-landed on earth millions of years ago as a result of this battle, lying dormant until only recently. Having since recovered their full functionality, the following Decepticons wage war with the Autobots to this very day:

Leader of the Decepticons:

Megatron: leader of the Decepticons, Megatron forged this faction of Transformers in the distant past to serve as his tools of universal conquest. Recently reawakened on earth, he plans to seize the planet's energies to fuel his lust for more power! Availability:

Megatron (MSH Classic)

Megatron (4C System)

Megatron (Marvel Saga)

Special Forces:

Reflector: consummate voyeurs, the trio of Decepticons that comprise Reflector enjoy watching everything in their environment. If they happen to spy some particularly valuable information in the process, they're happy to exploit it to the fullest. Availability:

Reflector (MSH Classic)

Reflector (4C System)

Reflector (Marvel Saga)

Soundwave: the sadistic Soundwave seemingly hears all. Cementing his place as Megatron's right-hand 'bot thanks to habitually blackmailing his fellow Decepticons, Soundwave is despised by just about all of them, save for his many cassette minions. Availability:

Soundwave (MSH Classic)

Soundwave (4C System)

Soundwave (Marvel Saga)


Skywarp: Skywarp excels in the Decepticon ranks thanks to his unique ability to teleport short distances. Of course, being that he's not too creative, he often resorts to performing violent, yet juvenile pranks on others with this power. Availability:

Skywarp (MSH Classic)

Skywarp (4C System)

Skywarp (Marvel Saga)

Starscream: skilled, powerful, and (in his own mind) dashing, Starscream feels that he would be a better choice to lead the Decepticons to victory. And, ambitious to a fault, Starscream continually plots and schemes to seize control from Megatron. Availability:

Starscream (MSH Classic)

Starscream (4C System)

Starscream (Marvel Saga)

Thundercracker: lording over the skies like a tyrant, Thundercracker disdains those without the power of flight. While he isn't entirely convinced the Decepticons are right, Skywarp and Starscream are usually on hand to keep Thundercracker in line. Availability:

Thundercracker (MSH Classic)

Thundercracker (4C System)

Thundercracker (Marvel Saga)

Micro-Cassette Operatives:

Buzzsaw: outdoing even Soundwave's sadism, Buzzsaw attempts to disguise his murderous artistic impulses with an erudite vocabulary and the seeming of sophistication. Those who observe Buzzsaw working on his latest 'masterpiece' know better, however. Availability:

Buzzsaw (MSH Classic)

Buzzsaw (4C System)

Buzzsaw (Marvel Saga)

Frenzy: a manic ball of barely contained ire, Frenzy readily longs to destroy. He doesn't care who, he doesn't care what. He's just looking for free license to smash his way through eternity, and stays with the Decepticons because they always indulge him. Availability:

Frenzy (MSH Classic)

Frenzy (4C System)

Frenzy (Marvel Saga)

Laserbeak: serving as one of the Decepticons' most effective interrogators, Laserbeak can, in time, extract almost any information from a target with his twin laser emitters. But don't expect him to face you in a fair fight, for he's a blatant coward! Availability:

Laserbeak (MSH Classic)

Laserbeak (4C System)

Laserbeak (Marvel Saga)

Ravage: virtually undetectable when he wishes to be, Ravage is an excellent stalker of the night. Constantly dreaming up new schemes to defeat the Autobots, Ravage is well respected by his peers - even if they usually don't even know where he is! Availability:

Ravage (MSH Classic)

Ravage (4C System)

Ravage (Marvel Saga)

Rumble: an unrepentant thug, Rumble likes to mix it up and wreck stuff. He isn't all that powerful, physically speaking, which is why he tends to rely on trash talk, along with his earthquake-inducing pile drivers, to ward off those who would trounce him. Availability:

Rumble (MSH Classic)

Rumble (4C System)

Rumble (Marvel Saga)

Decepticons Text File Archive:

the Decepticons: collected here for your gaming (or reading) convenience are the eleven Decepticons covered above, all in one easy to download text file archive. If you want these 'bots for your game, and don't want to click 'save as' a lot, this is perfect for you! Availability:

Generation 1: the 1984 Decepticons Archive (MSH Classic)

Generation 1: the 1984 Decepticons Archive (4C System)

Generation 1: the 1984 Decepticons Archive (Marvel Saga)

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